NO lol you need sleep.

actually so do I...Gnight

 I thought that it was funny myself.Osteoporosis man got served.

Vid needs sub-titles, imo

 Not bad but would have been better shorter imo.

ya i know...i just thought some people might wanna see how patient that guys was...most of us would have dropped him off the bat....

 I was surprised he waited so long.  And LOL @ the wannabe thug turning pussy so quick


Knocked out by a jab. haha. Like how the kid was still runnin his mouth while being half knocked out and crab walking away. Love fight videos of bullies who bring someone to record them pick on someone then end up being fucked up by the person who they're bullying.

Bisping later claimed that he could not get good footing due to wearing dress shoes...

 I would have invited him the house for a pint and then blown his head off.  That's how I roll.

I would've let things go, but the minute you touch my garbage can not once, not twice but thrice, it's time to bang player.

 That video is great, especially how the little graphic of Bisping gets a cut when Buentello drops him.

yah dont touch the can!!! lol he was actually saying -- that he was gonna toss the motorcycle at one point lol he had no strenth i was laughing everytime he shoves the guy he went scrub! but lookout theres a lot of them in this world!


Yeah, it's everybody's dream on here to defend somebody some day against a garbage can antagonizer bully

you don't mess with the can!!!