Bisping: leaning back with chin up

Anybody else notice Bisping's penchant for leaning back with his chin up when his sparring partners threw punches to his face? Elvis has reach advantage. hmmmmm.........

I hope Mike isnt taking Elvis lightly

Bisping uses his reach effectively. 13 fights 13 stoppages its working for him

but elvis is like elastic man. if he has the power he can knock him out. his striking is good enough that he should land shots on bisping.

bisping has a good record, but lets face it, he hasnt had one top level opponent. elvis will be a good fight for him and machida would be another...with a record like that its time he started facing top level guys to see what he is really made of.

in the uk he is a big fish in a small pond. the ufc sees something in him so they are coddling him a bit. we will see what happens after his fight with elvis.

my opinion is if he beats elvis, he will get more big fights against top opponents.

Oh yeah, he does this in his fights, too. He's fast
and he has good vision so he gets away with it, but
like someone else said, a real striker with even a
minimum of gameplanning will see it and eat it up.

Unless he's got a chin like Foreman or Ali (both of
whom used to do the same thing quite a bit). And
that's not something you want to count on.

so 20 on elvis gets you a hundred almost?