bisping never learns

for all the hard work, his style has never changed.

the same guy always shows up and that's why he will never be champ.

end of rant

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But he's still a beast. Phone Post 3.0

I've become a fan of The Count of the years. Say what you will, but he's always game for a throw down, doesn't play safe

The way he took the H-bomb then joked about it afterwords I thought was pretty cool

Ya he never got better at wrestling or striking or anything. Phone Post 3.0

Say what you want, but I think you aren't giving Rockhold enough credit here. Luke was game as fuck last night, I don't think any version could beat him last night. Bisping is what he is. He's the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none", the MMA version. That's not a knock at Bisping. I've been very open on here about how I wasn't a fan of his when he came out of TUF, and it only got worse after the Matt Hamill debacle. But he absolutely grew on me. The cocky, younger Bisping that talked shit after the Hamill fight grew up and has always been extremely humble in defeat. He's a perennial top 10 - top 15 MW, but most importantly, he opened up the UK market for the UFC and DFW & Co. will never forget that, so he will always have a job with Zuffa for being the right UK fighter at the right time.

It's currently a stacked division and had one of the GOATs as the champ for the majority of his career in it. Considering that he never fought for the title, he's made a nice career out of being a very good but not elite MW fighter. I have nothing but respect for him and became a fan as time went on. Phone Post 3.0

His style wasn't any different in last nights fight, it was his mentality. The last time he fought like that, that I remember, was when he got knocked out by Hendo. It really looked like he was focused on not getting hit in the eye opposed to actually fighting. Not saying Rockhold wouldn't have beat him either way, but Bisping gave him the fight.

He got so frustrated after that accidental head butt. Was very difficult for Herb to get them to restart in the clinch. You could feel his frustration building and he couldn't shake it off.

Regardless of how much those events heated up Bisping, Rockhold was just a beast last night. Very relaxed and being patient to setup those big shots.

The finish was such a statement that he was the man.

Bisping was a protected fighter until it became evident he can't be protected.

Now that the ufc has conor as their European cash cow, bisping is reduced to the being the feeder for up and coming middleweights. Phone Post 3.0