Bisping Opens Up with did an inteview with Bisping. He had all kinds of things to say about Miller, TUF, TJ Dillashaw, and fans. Here is a quote he made about the Ranger Up video and Tim Kennedy. 

“As far as the Ranger Up video goes, I find it rather flattering that someone would go out of their way and spend the time and money basically promoting me. Thanks for that. I looked at it briefly while eating me breakfast and as soon as I stopped watching it, a second later, it left my mind; I was onto focusing on other things like my upcoming fight. I haven’t really given a thought since. I think the words they are looking for there is Epic Fail!

On Tim Kennedy:

“I don’t even want to mention his name because he’s a nobody. He doesn’t even resonate on my radar. Some small things might go “bleep, bleep” on my radar, but he doesn’t even come up. Who is he? He hasn’t fought in the UFC yet. I don’t even know who he is. To me he is just one of the million ass holes on the Internet.”

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