Bisping or Nate Diaz

A better bet?

Diaz is at 260 and Bisping is 255.

I'm seriously thinking about dropping money on Bisping for one simple reason. Anderson is old and we don't know how he'll look off PEDs. Michael could win a decision.

The Mcgregor Diaz fight being at 170 changes everything imo. Could also see Diaz winning a Decision or getting a sub. Phone Post 3.0

Your best bet? Sit back and enjoy the fights while drinking some nice beers that you bought with the extra money you saved through not betting on guys who are deserved underdogs. Not saying either can't win, just that they are both underdogs for good reason Phone Post 3.0

I would pick bisping Phone Post 3.0

2090 on Diaz

Bisping is the better bet for the reasons you state.

Mystic Mac is truly red hot right now. Diaz has also looked chubby slow and lethargic at 170. Hes lost most of his fights at welterweight. Short of catching a sub i dont think he pulls this off. Also full camp > 10 days... Phone Post 3.0

I'd take bisping if you had to pick one Anderson just isn't the same as he used to be, and as far as mcgregor vs Diaz I feel like mcgregor wins standing cuz I don't think Diaz will be able to take him down and Diaz doesn't have ko power that mcgregor has Phone Post 3.0

Silva sack swinger here.

If I was forced to bet on one of the two fights, and forced to take the dog, I would bet on bisping. Easy choice. Not because bisping has a better chance than the odds, but because I cannot see Diaz winning at all. Phone Post 3.0