Bisping or Pierra, worse champ?

I don’t think Alex is a bad champ but I’ve heard this mentioned a few times. I think Alex would beat Bisping pretty easily. I think he also beats Luke but I’m not sure.

Who is the worse MW of all time

  • Luke
  • Bisping
  • Alex

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Why. I don’t think Alex is a bad champ but I’ve heard other say it. I was also hoping he would beat Izzy.

Come to think of it I think Alex beats the Silva that lost to Weidman.

Hard to tell if any version of Silva beats Alex


I think the version of Eddie Alvarez that won the UFC is likely the worst champion. He was beaten by Cerronce, then won a gift over Gil Melendez where Gil gasses after one round where he nearly stopped him in the 1st. He held onto Pettis for a win where he got a title shot vs RDA. RDA passed out in the bathtub cutting weight. Eddie win the belt and then is completely embarrassed by Conor… He goes 0-1-1 with Porier and beat Gatjhe in the only other UFC fight he had. I dont think Eddie was a bad fighter, just the version that win the belt. His best days were past him when he had won the belt.


MW champs…

Eddie does suck IMO

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Strikeforce Rockhold or early UFC Rockhold would flatten Pereira

Bisping would lose

Hendo, Vitor, Jacare, Romero, Andy, Machida, Weidman, Chael, Mousasi, Kennedy and even Maia all beat Pereira.

I think Whittaker loses at any point and most certainly now.

Props to Bisping for fighting with one eye and all, but he knows deep inside, that he was gifted that decision win by biased European judges when he got pummeled by Hendo.


A one eyed jack beat a king


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The worst middleweight champ ever is GSP. French fag popped up for a day to beat a one-eyed old man then ran away. End of discussion.


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