Bisping or Pierra, worse champ?



Lol now you’re just trolling


He’s always been trolling. It’s what I respect about him


Yep. It’s amazing how people think these guys are video game characters based on stats that never change.

Screen name checks out

I’m glad my respect has finally been approved by you

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Of these guys who fought their way to a championship in the premier fighting organization who is the WORST?

I said a respect you, I don’t necessarily approve

anyone in UFC has my utmost respect…anyone who has worked hard enough to be champ has earned it,Both are excellent fighters IMO

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Shoey, your responses are even lamer than Duncan’s honestly. They are usually so ridiculously stupid that I ignore them. But really GSP. One of the best welterweights ever. That fought up a weight class in a one of fight to take the belt then retired like a boss. That’s your simple minded pick. You really are one stupid little boy

Dude won the belt with one fucking eye

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Also had that Dana White privilege

MMA fans may be the biggest flock of sheep in sports, some of you just repeat things you read or hear someone else say.

You also look like simpletons when you display you can’t fathom the difference between a 20 year old up and comer joining the UFC and working their way to a title shot and a multiple world champion from kickboxing joining the UFC and having a quicker road to a title shot.


Analyze Bispong’s record, he pretty much lost to all the big names until he fought Anderson (a fight he was sparked unconscious in)

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WMMA, another post from you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Do you intentionally try to sound like a moron? Bisping beat Luke Rockhold,Dan Henderson,Anderson Silva, Allen Belcher, Kung Lee, Brian Stann, Jason Miller, Dennis Kang, to name a few. I realize you are a moron and probably don’t recognize some of those names but a lot were in their prime.

And Duncan, what is your problem with Perriera? The dude just won the title against a supposedly an unbeatable champ. Give the guy a chance to defend the belt before you knock him you goofy prick

Modern scoring criteria would have had Dan Henderson winning that fight

And modern medicine can’t cure how much of a moron you are


Fuckin terrible thread