Bisping still mad at Chainsaw Charles

"But if smack-talk is the order of the day, fine. Charles McCarthy is not a mixed martial artist, he is a fat BJJ player who flops on his back and does nothing to win a fight."

OMG this has me so pumped to watch this fight now...all this rivalry is just really putting the buzz in this fight..oh wait, no it isnt..i could care less about this fight...

It almost had you there, Bry Bry.

Terry Funk is fighting Michael Bisping?


They have to say something to Hype the fight.

 Not Fat, imo...


bisping is pretty good at this whole smack talk thing

i still wish neither talked smack

I find Charles to be very proportionate, and a rather attractive man..

 I just cannot wait to here Goldie say something about "bad blood" in their prefight previews...

*Waits impatiently*

Charles is far from fat. Met him and his beautiful fiance and the dude was jacked.

Whatever. Kick his ass CHAINSAW !!

I've never seen turtles fuck.

 Charles is not only in great shape, but he is an awesome guy. I hope he pulls this one out!

Bisping is a foreigner and the man.

 Bisping all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bispings gonna punk mccarthy for his lunch money in this one....Charles has got nothing coming against the count unless his standup and wrestlting has improved exponentially. rashad and hamill both got td's stuffed agains bisping. do you really think mccarthy is gonna take him down?

the funny thing is yall think everyones takedowns are the same

like straight shot wrestling is the only way to get it to the ground

ground guys are crafty on getting it to the ground being on top or bottom

bisping will win.

1.  Charles does not have a fiance... he is married.   

2.  Has anyone here ever actually watched turtles do it?

chainsaw is going to pout out a decision