Bisping vs diaz at MW

Id love to see this fight one day. Possibly my biggest dream match. How do you see it going down? Phone Post

5 rounder of course Phone Post

Diaz by being better at everything. Phone Post

Watching diaz taunt bisping around the cage and peppering him with 80 punches a round would bring a tear to my eye. I only hope it makes it 5 rounds so i have 25 minutes of footage to watch over and over again. Id like a 50-43 scorecard type of fight. Phone Post

if diaz goes to 185 hes got un finished business with mayhem. after that he can dummy spitsbing Phone Post

Bisping could keep it standing and win the decision imo

lol, you can always trust the UG for a fair and objective analysis.

Bisping by dominance Phone Post

Horrible match up for bisping. Great one for the fans.

I don't like Diaz, but I think Bisping takes a beating in that match up !

 Diaz rather easily, what would Bisping have for him?

 Bisping would use his superior TDD to keep the fight standing.  From there he would use his footwork to pick Diaz apart.  3 rounds I see it going to decision, Bisping gets the UD, 5 rounds I think Bisping gets the TKO.

as much as I like Diaz, bisping will would be too big and mixes it up well, he does enough to win a decision by mixing his striking and wrestling. Phone Post