Bisping vs Ken Shamrock at UFC 75

from and the fight network:

The Ultimate Fighter 3 light heavyweight winner Michael Bisping (13-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC) will fight UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock (26-12-2 MMA, 7-6-2 UFC) -- not Matt Hamill -- at UFC 75 in London, England on Sept. 8.

That's the report from The Fight Network.

Bisping was originally expected to face his former castmate Matt Hamill. Ticketmaster released an event description last week that included the matchup. Instead, though, Loretta Hunt says that Shamrock will come out of retirement to face Bipsing at the event, which takes place at the 02 Arena.

After topping Josh Haynes in The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale, Bisping defeated Eric Schafer with a first-round TKO at UFC 66. Then, in front of a Manchester crowd at April's UFC 70 event, he scored a second-round TKO of Elvis Sinosic.

Shamrock has been fighting professionally for nearly 14 years and competed in the very first UFC event. The submission specialist left the UFC for six years but ultimately returned to fight Tito Ortiz and then to coach a team on The Ultimate Fighter 3 last year opposite Ortiz. Shamrock's 1-4 in the Octagon since his return, with three of the losses coming to Ortiz.

Bisping appeared on Ortiz's -- not Shamrock's -- team on The Ultimate Fighter 3.

Although the UFC has confirmed that Bisping will appear on the UFC 75 card, the organization has made no official announcement regarding his opponent.

it's really hard to come up with a matchup that is more pointless than this one. Ken vs. Tito had at least a storyline with the bad blood of the past. If Ken should be in the UFC at all, it should be against a fellow old-timer like Royce, Tank or Don Frye.

Will "Shamrock1fan" return for this? That's the big question.

Bisping - Hamill was better

I'm looking foward to Shamrock1fan returning to this site. Is that punk still locked up at Juvy ?

I'm a big Ken Shamrock fan but he needs to stop fighting unless it against guys like Tank or Frye.

Jesus H Christ, man..What's next?

Shamrock must have serious debts mounting to take a fight knowing he's walking into a lopsided ass kicking, again.

Shamrock is DONE. If this was 10 years ago, hell 5 years ago, Shamrock wins EASILY. But I heard about his injuries and how his body is FUCKED. He just cant physically fight at the professional level anymore


what a joke. Is it April 1st?

considering Bisping lost the stand up to Elvis, i'm not so sure that this match up wouldn't be competative

i would certainly be more interested in this than in Bisping/Hamill anyway

"A better way to build Bisping would be to put him against a legitimate contender rather than bringing in a beat up guy in his 40's."

I agree. Bisping has been fed enough cans already.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Ken Shamrock=Desperation

UFC 75: Death Wish.

Shamrock can brawl and possibly rock Bisping, and then maybe f*ck up his leg real bad.

Shamrock can brawl and possibly rock Bisping, and then maybe f*ck up his leg real bad.

If this was at heavyweight, I'd go with Ken. He has to seriously cut down his chicken, and steak, intake to get down to 205.

"the organization has made no official announcement regarding his opponent."

god I hope that means that this isn't going to happen. I want to see what ken can do with some SOLID students. I am tired of seeing him fight himself. I have said since he first came back to the ufc... he is an excellent coach(though that could be disputed with his performance on the TUF serious) but he is no longer a top ranked fighter.

I think bisping has done some good stuff. I want to see him start fighting good fights instead of being granted a leeway to juice up his record.

I hope this isn't true. If I was Bisping I wouldn't even take this fight. If Shamrock really wants to fight again he should be fighting another legend like Royce.