Bisping vs. Rock 2 have look/feel of Calzaghe/Lacy

Does anyone else see this?

Rock's weight cut seems to be going horribly, he looked awful in that interview on FS1. What do you expect when you're fighting at what looks to be 225 lbs. as a Middleweight(185 lbs)?

Bisping is known to overtrain. Nobody has the work ethic, dedication and cardio that this guy does. It reminds us of Joe Calzaghe in many regards.

If the Bisping that fought Akiyama shows up then it's going to be a long night of violence for Rockhold at the hands of the Count.

Bisping via resting heart rate in the 30s

Rockhold is devastated that Weidman is injured, you can see the anxiety in his demeanour, he looks gaunt through not sleeping.

Luke thought he was being fed a Lamb but now he's getting 185lbs of raging British Beef.

Can his palette handle it? Not from what I've seen in interviews. Never seen Luke look so apprehensive. Phone Post 3.0

Shit didn't know he would just break his face in 4 minutes.

My bad.