Bisping: Wanderlei Silva Will Not Be My Opponent

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                                Bisping: Wanderlei Silva Will Not Be My Opponent

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Well as I said in my earlier blog, I'm now in Phuket. Fortunately Im staying at Surin beach (which is beautiful by the way and I would recommend it to anyone) and not Patong. We took a trip down there last night, and quickly exited from what can only be described as a sheer hell. im sure its nice if you like that kind of thing, that kind of thing being filth and food poisoning.

Quick update on the potential Wanderlei Silva fight. Unfortunately thats not gonna happen. He's undergone facial surgery, so obviously won't be fighting in the near future. Rumours are he's actually out for the rest of the year.

So as of right now, Im still unaware of who I'll be facing at UFC 105. Obviously as stated before, when I know, you know.

Check out the video below if you already haven't. Could you imagine trying to break up with one of them? Normally you'd just have to deal with a few tears and maybe feeling guilty, with these two you'd be lucky not to wake up in the hospital.



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 ^ UG news is on some better late than never shit though

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 Yea UG News sucks at the UG News...