Bisping's better than I thought.

I said before the fight that if Bisping won, it would totally validate him in my eyes.

Now, he didn't win (and no, he didn't deserve to win, either), but he's still validated.

He's a VERY good fighter. He's probably never going to be a champ, but he's not just a mid-level guy who has been protected, either.

He's probably a top 5 MW in the world, legit.

Wrestlers and guys with numbing power who can just walk him down are going to give him problems, but he's going to give anybody he fights problems too.

Here's to Michael Bisping. He may come off as a prick, but inside the octagon, he's no joke.

Don't think he won the fight, but he did win respect.

Cardio and well rounded defense seem to be his biggest assets which is a weird combination and also why people always doubt him. Im not a fan, but he can hang in there till his opponent is worn out and keep dominant positions like a mofo Phone Post

Rockhold versus Bisping would be a pretty amazing fight. They should put that on over at Strikeforce.

It was a great showing from Bisping, I expected him to be on his back most of the fight but he managed to control 2 rounds and finish strong in the 3rd.

Anarkis - I think a strong argument for draw or even win could have been made.

If they had the .5 system in. (rd. 10-9.5 or 10-9.0) it would have been a draw.
I thought the first was a draw. Bisping took the second by a little. And chael took the third. Phone Post