Bit by the "MMA" spider...

So, last Monday, I recognized a bump on my head around my hair line that I thought was a meaningless pimple. Well, around Thursday, I felt kind of like I had the flu and i just kind of thought of it as no big deal. Well, come Saturday, I saw my forehead was swollen. It was weird. By Sunday, it was even worse. I woke up this morning and my left eye was almost completely swollen shut.

I had to take the day off work and go to the doctor and within 30 seconds, the doctor had looked at the bump, told me I was bit by a spider, more than likely a Brown Recluse, and prescribed me some medicine and sent me on my way.

I just remember when Brennan was bit by the spider and a few others on this forum and I guess it's been dubbed the "MMA" spider.

So, If you noticed this shit, please go to your doctor and get this shit checked out. it's pretty fucked up.

Brown Recluse? Can't that shit kill you?

"Brown Recluse? Can't that shit kill you?"

Apparently so. Luckily, she said that I was going to be fine. We'll soon find out I guess. If I don't post for a few weeks, I suppose you'll know what happened.

LOL good luck!

Yea, definitely didn't happen to me yet. I am just repeating what the doctor told me so, if I didn't get bit by that thing, thank God.

that is one of the grossest pix ive ever seen.

brown recluse by anything he wants.

They are in hibernation, sounds to me like mrsa unless you are in a warm climate I guess. Mrsa (a form of staph) is often misdiagnosed as a brown recluse bite. Very similar and both can be deadly.

One of my needle sites? LoL.

I hope it's not staph... I don't know where I would have gotten it from.

They gave me Amox/clav k to fix it. Hopefully it works.

If it was a brown recluse, you will have a giant open sore on your head
where your skin has rotted away. My dad got bit this summer- its f'in


rip me

nic noing u guyz evn tho u piss me 0ff sumtimz i still luv u all

rip me

i hve teh burd flu im dying

I was misdiagnosed years ago with a 'spider or other insect bite' wen my brow swelled for no apparent reason.  i was given heavy antibiotics, went back to doctor(he was on vacation saw someone else) diff doc sed it was a staph infection, and if i was rolling around on the floor wit strange men i did need my hede examined, particularly the inside of it.

Mikey Burnett was supposedly bitten by a brown recluse.

This feels trollish.

Are you trying to tell us you got bit by a brown recluse and didn't happen to notice? At the gym? Were you rolling in the boiler room?

It's MRSA.

Some of my guys got MRSA also, be carefull.......
One was in the hospital for 4 days.

if you got bit by monday the lastest and thursday it was just a little bump in your hair line it wasnt a recluse bite

lucky for you your doctors an idiot

"It's MRSA. "

They gave me Amox/clav. Do you think this will help with MRSA?

ITS WINTER TIME ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????