Bit tongue really bad in bjj. See dentist?

Fastest healing muscle in the body. Put an ice cube in your mouth if it hurts.


My son did have a cut three times that size. It was pretty gnarly. I was hitting him ground balls and he ate a bad hop. I didn’t realize how fucked up his tongue was until I took a close look.

I took him to the dentist and they did not give him any stitches. If I recall correctly, we were instructed to Ice, gargle with salt & takeTylenol for pain.

I felt bad but he was cool after week or two.

The tongue heals fast.

this thread title is begging for a spinoff

That’s infected, which is why it hurts so bad. Gargle with peroxide every hour or so & it’ll heal in a couple days. You could also use listerine.

I almost bit mine in half back in college when some dumbass jumped up into my chin, I had mouthfuls of blood. Luckily I was drunk so the pain wasn’t too bad. The next morning it was swollen to twice the size, hurt like hell & was infected. 2 days of peroxide & pain was gone. Healed in about a week.

I’m actually a certified tongueologist phd and 100% that needs to be amputated immediately.

I deal w a lot of wounds, don’t think I’d do anything. Think time will heal it. Weird one, has a

I never wore a jock strap but I always wore a mouthguard.