Biting Legal in MMA Event

Has there ever been a known event to allow biting? If one existed and the prize was $1mil, who here would be crazy enough to compete in it?

A friend of mine got his nipple bitten off in a streetfight. He was in the mount and the dude just leaned up and *bite*, that was all she wrote. You don't defend against the nipple bite in class... alot of people forget what a streetfight is.

I got bit on the ear in a street fight. I have a little scar just above the lobe that hurts when it get cold for some reason.

Oh yeah, no I've never seen an event that allowed it.

Fucking A, that is some savage shit. Anyone ever heard of someone being bitten in the neck during a fight? Would you do it if it would get you out of a tight spot, like a sever beating but not death?

remember that double eye gouge in the movie 28 Days Later? now that was brutal

i had a friend who got a chunk of the bottom piece of his ear bitten off in a fight.

Who bit who in out of Hess/Belfort in SB 3? Is Hess the dirty bastard who eye gouged his way to victory in UFC 5? I'm assuming it was Hess actually lol!

got into a fight with this guy and his buddy's jumped in. one of the had my back and bite me right on top of my head. fucker must not have brush his teeth or something. cause it got infected.

one of the had my back and bite me right on top of my head. fucker must not have brush his teeth or something. cause it got infected.Human saliva is pretty powerful. Before the invention of antibiotics, people used to lose fingers a lot when they were bitten on the hand.

Tank was bit in his first UFC fight with Matua, Matua bit him right on the back...

The event had rules...that particular match did not. It was definately a different era.

thanks for the info T Jay

I was under the impression in the old UFC you could do whatever you wanted to...but you'd be fined for bites and eye gouges. If you're talking about legal and encouraged...I dunno of an event that would do that.
I'm sure there are kung fu guys that think they'd somehow kick major ass in those rules, but in reality that makes grapplers even MORE dangerous...

You would have to be fucking crazy to compete in something like that. I'd bite in a streetfight if I had no other choice though.......

If I was gonna lose a street fight and I thought biting would get me out of a scrape, shit yeah I'd bite too.

watch tank-matua close and u will see matua bite him

Australian fighter Gerald BB had his ear bitten clean off while bouncing.

From memory he was mounted and leaned forward. He felt the guy latch on. And as he tried to pull away, it pretty much tore away his whole ear.