Bittorrent q?

I just set up Bit T on my PC but I can't download a goddamn thing.

it's giving me an error message

unable to connect

is this because of norton antiV?

I am sorry I am so vague but I am clueless

Make sure that your ports are open for it. Are you running any firewall software? I'm not familiar with Norton and can't tell you if those block the ports.

I believe all you really need is 6881 opened.

Also, if it is having problems connecting to a tracker, just leave it be. It will eventually find one that it can connect to.


get teh ABC GUI for bit torrent, its the best

u can control upload speeds and shit

best ive used

sweet Armbreaker, didnt know about that one


got a link

ive also been having connection problems in the
last week. prior to that ive been fine. ill post my
error msg im getting.