Bad Breed is proud to announce the sponsorship of 10 fighters from the Jorge Gurgel BJJ Academies to compete May 8th at Bad Breed Submission Fighting in Ohio. Oxydol is a proud sponsor and big supporter of BJJ and Submission, and we're pleased to have them support the competitors.

For questions and comments about Oxydol, please e-mail us at:

Redox acquired Oxydol from Procter and Gamble in July, 2000.

Originally introduced in 1927, Oxydol was Procter & Gamble's first laundry detergent. From its start Oxydol paved the way in marketing techniques, from door-to-door sampling to metal ``coin'' coupons (later to be replaced with paper) to ``slice of life'' magazine cartoon ads. It was Oxydol that put the soap in ``soap opera'' when it created the genre through its sponsorship of the radio show ``Ma Perkins'' in 1933.

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ttt for a company sponsoring fighters.

when a company does this, we need to really support that company. Bring money into the sportby attracting new sponsors

We are trying to bring in more corporate sponsors. is sponsoring the Pro Division. Thanks for supporting these companies.

nice to hear, but i don't get the connex.  do mma fans use a lot of detergent?  i've seen some of them, and i gotta vote the opposite.

John , I just got Red Bull on board with me and I have a lot of new and bigger things coming up, get in touch witm me at 504-888-6451.

i just heard a rumor that a well-known company/organization in this sports has recieved substantial sponsorship from these guys too.

i believe the president is a grappler and has decided to give back to the sport, so we should definetely help support the company.

ttt--good stuff for the fighters

I just got your voicemail, I'll call you this afternoon. In addition to Oxydol, we expect many other top companies to start supporting MMA/submission.

We just need to show there is value in supportng us and the athletes. So in regards to the "connex,", it doesn't matter so long as we return the support and keep it coming.

keep up the great work getting corporate sponsorship for the events.



TTT - I agree 100 %

There is an opened box of Oxydol in my laundry room right now. It is there because of their sponsorship of the Arnold's. Their CEO is a great guy and a good sport.

Agreed. We have other corporate sponsors looking to sponsor teams for the event. If you have a team interested in being sponsored, please contact us. We can't guarnatee 100% sponsorship to everyone, but certainly as many as we can get.



ttt for Oxydol, Bad Breed and all companies that support fighters!!!


TTT for Bad Breed, OXTDOL, and my "family" (Team Jorge Gurgel)!!!