Bizarre sparring problem

I have this weird problem every time I spar. Afterwards my head always hurts. It is sore not like it has been pounded on for three rounds, but all of the little muscles in my head hurt. I never understood what the cause of this was until yesterday: everytime I spar, I push my ears back. I kind of end up squeezing the muscles in my head so my ears move backwards and I end up holding them there. The result is the weird head muscle soreness I end up with after sparring. I think that it causes post-sparring headaches for me as well.

Anyone ever hear of this phenomena? Any suggestions on what to do?



Not wierd, i get it to. Do u wear a head guard?

You get the same thing too LEmon? Huh, I thought it was only me. Yes I do wear headgear when sparring. Do you think that headgear contributes to headaches / soreness?


Me too-- for awhile I was having my girlfriend give me head massages after practice.

I definately think the headguard plays a part in it, dont stop wearing it but i found it was bruising my head at the end of it, i thought i had big zits, thats what the pain was like but there was nothing there, no bump or bruise, spread through my head. Got the girl to massage it to lol

I think that biting too hard on my mouthpiece also contributed.