I, did'nt like or dislike BJ but since the show started I moved to the liking him, he does a great job with his team .On the other side Jens Shamrock I can't stand, Did you see BJ TAKING PUNCHES TO THE FACE with no mouthpiece in,Him and Gray lit each other up

Who is Jens Shamrock???

It was a joke,Pulver coaches like Shammrock

He does?




Very predictable and old, but it's still funny.

I think Penn is better than Pulver but Pulver is definatly better than Shamrock at coaching

BJ seems kind of sloppy to me

pulver seems like an ok couch to me. i never liked pulver but after this show i respect him more. i think he is a down to earth guy and is open to teach and learn. bj is a good coach too.. i dont see how you can compare pulver to shammy.

Can I get a serious break down on how these two guys are as coaches? I havent seen TUF since TUF3, but I was under the impression that BJs guys have been losing a ton of fights lately, and that BJ is pretty relaxed in his coaching style?

No knock against BJ but I would prefer to have Jens as a coach if I were a fighter. I think BJ is a lot more laid back.

Of course this is just from watching the show and you never know what we're not seeing.

I heard from a reliable source that BJ is an incredible coach.

BJ might be a good coach, but Pulver is a better one.

"Pulver coaches like Shammrock "
that's a bunch of BS. Jens has been doing a great job. and the results speak for themselves.

yea the results do speak for themselves.
so far in the semis...jens is 0-2.

nate diaz goes and trains with penn for his fight with corey hill...
so technically..if diaz
jens will be 0-3..but call it 1-2 if you want

manny vs. wiman is going to be a barnburner...
i pick wiman..
end result
jens 1 penn 3....

Jens got kinda screwed with the matchups. Manny should have been top 4 rather than Gray (too 1 dimensional imo).

I would love to have BJ as a coach and even more so in my corner.I can't hear shit but I can hear him yelling the whole time.