BJ clearing out the Lightweight Division GIFs

This is a work in progress, have found a movie scene I am determined to turn into a BJ GIF/Youtube of him clearing out his division.  That said, I figured I'd post the first part I've nearly finished hopefully a few people will have a laugh.  I'll be working on more scenes and cleaning it up all week time permitting. 

Part 4 coming tomorrow night or Friday.  Will post full sized youtube version when I'm finished with sound and music (hopefully).

breaking it into parts as each is 10 meg, photobuckets limit.


 Awesome, VTFU!


ummmraw deal?

 holy crap!!!!! VTFU x1000 if i could



Joe Daddy's face after getting shot made my spleen explode. Excellent work.

Joe's face turning bloody is pure genius

IrishFighter110 - hahaha sweet

you could do this for Anderson, Fedor, GSP and MAchida too. So much potential.

 All with different movies lol!

goku - ummmraw deal?

 Goku wins, so go ahead and pick, got maybe 3 more dead bodies, and Sherk, probably  since BJ was so good at beating him down Hughes, Swick, unless there is another one in line with the lightweight theme...  pick a scene and a dude.

YES...gotta get uno after bj crumpled him in the first fight...whichever scene fits the best

 ahaha cool had forgot about that.  Now I just got to find some pics of it.  Hard to find smilin BJ pics too aside from a few.  Guess at the end I'll have to have him pimp his website.


Got to do the Youtube so I can have him putting in the cassette tape and have "Satisfaction" start playing before the killin. 

awesome vid.

this is going to be the best gif ever.


"Taken" with Liam Neeson?



Muay Tired - "Taken" with Liam Neeson?

 Close, can't think of too many movies with quarry shoot outs

raw deal? with arnie.