BJ = don't like ground fighting?

I love BJ, but why doesn't he like fighting on the ground? He is a freak on the ground!!!

If this was real vale tudo, BJ would have taken it to the ground for sure

I asked in another thread...but no answer...has BJ ever submitted someone from his back in MMA? Why not? He has the ability...seems like a strange strategy for such a talented grappler IMO.

yeah that's what i don't get about bj. logic says that bj the uber bjj black belt would take it to the ground but like all of his fights, he keeps it standing. weird

Ego he wanted to knock GSP out why I dont know bad gameplan imo

not just ego...look at the Serra fight, he would rather win standing up IMO...(yeah, Serra is awesome on the ground, but BJ afraid, doubt that)

He's not that much of a freak on the ground from what we saw last night. I'm mean he's a decent fighter, but i've never thought he was this specimen like everyone thought. He needs work on conditioning, i'll tell you that. I don't buy into fighter hype until someone like Matt Hughes has won the World Title time after time after time, like he has. Then the hype is real, and unquestionable. Someone like Hughes is a freak and it doesn't matter if BJ beat him, Hughes beat the man, that beat the man.

True, everytime he has dominated on the ground its been from the top.

But the one takedown he did try was thwarted by GSP. BJ has always shown a really good ability to defend tds and to get back up too but GSP still pushed the action there.

Actually, BJs one attempt was not unlike some of GSPs early attempts, its just that GSP showed the relentlessness it takes to win a close, gritty fight.