BJ is looking mad portly

Looks like he's been training with Ricco.



man that head is ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!

Helluva fighter though....

Trigg called him Pancake Head last week on the show. BJ just laughed.

I still think he'll win. But some of that flubber might slow him down.

conversly, Renzo is cut and looking good for this fight.. at 185lbs. Also, Renzo is going to win.

It means that he is generously proportioned.

It means his head is round from the front but looks kind of flat from the side.

BJ is really starting to look like Cabbage

da make him big, braddah!

TTT for stocky people

DA PEEG makes you BEEEEEG!!

I miss Ono's Restaurant. :(

BJ's been juicing.

"Dude, BJ looks like he eats twinkies by the pound."

SHIIIT, in that pic, he looks like he just shoved one in his mouth.

I don't know how this fight will go. The weight may cause stamina differences that B.J. is not in the mood for. He has all the abilities to win...... but damn. Bad case of turkey neck in that pic