BJ is looking mad portly

I've thought for a while that Beej was a juicer."

What made you think that? That he's a pro athlete who doesn't care what a bunch of armchair quarterbacks think of him?

I hope Renzo takes it.

That said, i would look about 30 times bigger and more ripped than
Renzo if a pic was taken of me with the exact same lighting. Most of
you probably would too. Renzo just isnt a big guy.


Definately, some UFC posters in similar lighting actually made Ricco's pudgy ass look ripped.

Most dangerous portly man in the world

If Penn is "solid" at 191 does this mean he was sandbagging as a LW?

Renzo's a nice guy and all, but he's a dead man.

Go B! :)

damn, BJ looks ripped!! j/k. And why would anyone think BJ juices?