BJ is now a sub-500 fighter

IMO he is still a legend, much like other fighters with a spotty record such as Randy, Chuck, and Rampage, but the facts are the facts.

Will BJ nuthuggers still insist he is P4P #1 GOAT etc despite having a 15-7-1 record? Statistically speaking, that means the expected outcome of a BJ fight is now a loss.


Wouldn't "sub 500" mean he lost more than he won? Like 10 - 11? Phone Post

.500 means 1:1 dipshit

dark Winter day - .500 means 1:1 dipshit

statistically speaking

Isn't sub 500 the opposite of top 500? Meaning there is only 499 people on Earth he could beat...

math can be your friend if you let it.

 Sub-500, is that a new fight gear company??

BJ is .674, which is higher than .500.

 Op rode the short bus for sure.

so what your saying is 7+8=23???

must be new maffs...

whoa, bro. teh maths are hard

In on epic thread early.

Moran. Phone Post

I won't go back and check, but I think the OP is talking about BJ's record in title fights.

This thread is an unstoppable frate train.


My god these 07's

stupid OP is stupid

 my bj penn hater calculator must be broken