BJ is the new Vitor

A promising beginning which quickly fizzled out leaving hundreds of nuthuggers longing for the return of "the real" Vitor or BJ. Endless excuse making for any loss. Endless cries of how the love of their life is really better than who he fought. BJ and Vitor just couldn't win. It doesn't mean they are not better!!

I've seen more threads about Penn nutriders than BJ Penn....

the difference is, the good BJ shows up, just only for 2 rounds. the "old" Vitor never shows up at all

Gusto - Vitor beat Coture via fluke. BJ beat Hughes via fluke.

"I've seen more threads about Penn nutriders than BJ Penn...."

Makes sense. Most people don't have anything against Penn himself.

Nothing against Penn here. He is fun to watch fight for about 5 minutes. I just like getting his nutriders like Gusto fired up. Now that BJ got beat, they lost all their masterbation material.

Just remember that Big Bear is not a champion.

I recall Vitor destroying Couture in under a minute.

Chuckis#1 - Yeah Vitor left Coture a bloody mess with one punch!! He is the best ever!!!

lol, made a thread just like this a while back.