BJ looking bad as coach

Why are they editing it that way? Every time they show him he's laying down and chillin'. When they show Jens, he's pushing his guys and stuff. I know BJ isn't a lazy coach, so whey are they trying to portray him that way? Are they trying to hype the fight up or what?

BJ's coaching doesn't look bad to me. You can't really tell from the show, anyway. I think that BJ ended up with some immature and/or weak-minded fighters, and Jens' team capitalized. Aside from the initial boneheaded stunt of asking "Who loves me and hates Jens?", which seriously backfired and insured that he would be stuck with underperformers, I think BJ has come across as quite a good coach.

Cause Team Miletich is DANA"S boys.

And BJ left the UFC for Japan and then came back and almost sued UFC. Plus contract ngeotiations.

REmember Dana said..." I'm scorched earth"

Dana needs to be taken down a notch. I've never seen a promoter who needs so much face time on TV. What an empty suit and ego maniac.

he didn't look to flabby while in the sauna with Gabe tonight and we saw him do some sprints in the ring...