bj looks 2 b in awesome shape

remeber when he was gettin chubby?

not anymore!!!!!

sherks talkin shit

i take bj over him

did bj say anything post fight?

BJ looked to be in good shape, but damn was he really that tired after the fight ended? I mean he didn't really show it during the fight, but once it was over he was really huffing. I was pretty surprised honestly.

He was gassed talking to Rogan after the fight. He won't last 5 rounds against Sherk.

he said sean sherk is dead

then he went and shook sean's hand and said it would be a good fight

"look at my abs"

bj penn

If you want to know anything more, go to

Can't wait for that BJ Sherk fight

Look @ his abs


Then go 2

Dude was fanfreakintastic!!!

Just because you have ab's or are ripped doesn't mean you're in good cardiovascular shape. Did he not seem breathless talking to Rogan afterwards?

he was excited

not gassed

plus he saw sherk and got all macho

hawain style!

he wont gas at 155

he never has