BJ Penn, celebrity fit club

For starters I am a big Penn fan, but he has got to lose some weight.

When he fought Renzo at 185 he barely looked human, and definitely
not like he did 2 years ago. At this rate he will die of heart disease in
the next few hours.

Yup. And?

You're right it can't be good for his health, but BJ is young, he could loose that weight before it does any real damage to him.

Penn is not putting the weight on the good way.

Last thing I heard was that BJ Penn was walking around 191 pounds.

BJ Penn said that he would even fight Wanderlei Silva.

191 lbs? btw, how tall is BJ penn?

BJ is a quadruplet

there's BJ (who fought Pulver,Thomas, etc)155

there's CJ (who fought Hughes..he's the best)170

there's P&J(who fought Renzo, Rodrigo, etc.)190

then there's TJ: he does the interviews. he's the most well-spoken. he's the one who runs back into the ring/octagon to do the post-fight interviews after BJ,CJ,or P&J runs backstage. He has to maintain the same weight as whichever brother is fighting.
he's got a tough job, but at least he doesn't have to fight.

which one punched the cop?

we'll never know

LOL @ quadruplet.

BJ better stop the PB&J!

i think its hilarious to see a pudgy BJ beat these ripped up guys w/ ease.

cough HUGHES cough

To quote Jules from pulp fiction:

I wouldn't go so far as to call the brother fat. He's got a weight problem. What's the nigga gonna do? He's Hawaiian.



lol... like cutting 20 lbs a day or two before a fight is "healthy"...
you guys crack me up sometimes...
and the renzo fight should've been a draw???...

thats exactly what i was thinking. he def. won that fight.

he likes his spam


"I wouldn't go so far as to say that Renzo won that fight. I would call it a draw. BJ definitely won that last round. First round to Renzo. Second round it s toss up, could have gone either way."

the second round could have gone either way???...
isn't that the round when renzo managed to do nothing but get hit a bunch of times by BJ???...
no disrespect to renzo... i give him a TON of credit for winning (deservedly so) the first round... but to say the second round could have gone either way is proof positive that you are trolling...
a little too obvious, even for you grumps...

somone post a before / after picture

lol @ Ron Mexico!