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Dana White said Penn is doing the same thing to Hughes that Pulver did to him...bull-loney!

It was ZUFFA that wouldnt let Pulver have the rematch.

and another things is this...

how can he compare the two fights...???

when Penn fight Pulver it was a very close fight that if not for the bell Penn would have won by armbar.

In the Hughes fight it was over very fast and Penn dominated the entire fight.

Why should Hughes get a rematch when he was soundly beaten!?

Let him beat Hallman first and THEN he deserves a rematch!

Read the next post and see the truth of this matter...

BJ made an appearance at the K-1 Max show last week in Japan, and word out was that he was going to fight in the K-1 MMA show in May. Well, is he? MMAWeekly talked with BJ Penn on Monday, and he said he didn't really want to go into great detail on the situation. All Penn would say is, "I am not leaving the UFC. This is not about leaving the UFC. This is about me having the opportunity to add to my career and promote myself internationally and if you don't know (the situation)... now you know."
UFC President, Dana White, was on MMAWeekly Radio yesterday and had this to say about BJ PENN. Dana considers BJ to be very talented and wishes him luck in whatever choice he makes. White went on to say that if Penn does fight in another organization, he will be stripped of his UFC title. White said the UFC has been kind to Penn in the past, giving him two title shots at the 155 pound belt and a chance at the 170 pound belt in which he won. Dana commented, "BJ was very upset that Jens Pulver wouldn't give him a rematch and now he's doing that to Matt Hughes."

If BJ does decide to fight elsewhere, White said he would feel bad for Matt Hughes. He characterized Hughes as a fighter who will fight anyone, never complains and takes on whoever they put in front of him.

The idea was to have Matt fight one or maybe two fights then get a chance to win the belt back against the guy who took it from him, BJ Penn. After all, it was Matt Hughes that gave Penn the shot at his belt to begin with White said.

Source: MMA Weekly

Response from the Penns regarding the above post

Below is a statement by JD Penn who is BJ's brother and manager. I have chosen not to post another statement that was made by someone close to BJ, but did not reflect the Penns' views. Any other posting or comments regarding BJ should be taken with a grain of salt unless it comes from JD or BJ himself. Please keep this in mind when reading all these articles and postings.

BJ Penn is still the UFC Welterweight Champion.

We have been in Negotiations with the UFC for him to fight for the Lightweight Title. The title fight wouldn't happen until October or December. That would mean BJ wouldn't fight for 8-10 months. He wanted to get a fight in between this time. The best opportunity would be to promote himself in Japan in between his next fight in the UFC. BJ likes fighting in the UFC, he just can't wait 8-10 months for the UFC to have a formidable opponent!

As for the Pulver fight. The UFC didn't want to make it happen. They said Pulver doesn't deserve a Title Fight! BJ wants to fight Pulver on PPV. If Rumble on the Rock was on PPV he would be fighting Pulver May 7th in Honolulu, Hawaii!

This will be great for the UFC, BJ fighting in Japan(20+MILLION VIEWERS that's 300+ UFC's(70,000 Viewers PPV+GATE)) as the UFC Welter Weight Champion.

BJ will also be the first UFC fighter to fight in K-1 mma. This is a great opportunity for both the UFC and BJ!

Source: JD Penn

If you support BJ Penn then please join us at his new unofficial fan club... BJ "The Prodigy" Penn Fan Club!

BJ is my favorite fighter.

With that said, something doesn't add up. This letter states...

"BJ likes fighting in the UFC, he just can't wait 8-10 months for the UFC to have a formidable opponent!"

However, one of BJ's first comments after he beat Hughes was that he would like to take some time off and fight once per year.

he wants to defend the welterweight title once a year is what i think he meant

why is everyone busting his balls about that statement?

how many times have we heard a fighter say they will retire and not stay retired?

money talks anyways...BJ knows his fighting days are numbered...he knows one can only take so much punishment...he also knows what he's doing

rarely has there been as smart and savy a fighter as BJ Penn

the UFC stripping him of his title accomplishes nothing positive for anyone except Matt Hughes(unless he has to fight Charuto!)...and that's what Dana wants

i respect Matt Hughes a lot but, IMO, he isnt as flashy and exciting or multi-talented as Penn

BJ Penn could do a lot for the UFC AND for the sport by fighting in Japan...stripping him of his title when he is not refusing to defend it is ludicrous!


He's the champ, but he deserves even more respect because he beat the most dominant fighter at the time.


"They gave him 3 title shots since he has been with the company...who else has had 3 title shots besides BJ. Rizzo has...but he has been fighting since UFC 17."

Who else debuted in the UFC and then, in only his 2nd and 3rd fights, destroyed 2 of the top 5 ranked fighters in his weight class?

Hughes dominated his weight class but he was just totally and soundly beaten by the most skilled mma fighter on the planet...(in only his 9th pro fight i might add!) one has ever totally dominated Penn.

He's only lost once and that was a very close fight he would have won if not for the bell.

BJ Penn has what few fighters have...incredible skills, electrifying charisma and the potential to put the UFC on the mainstream sports map.

Give him a break.

If you support BJ Penn then please join us at his new unofficial fan club... BJ "The Prodigy" Penn Fan Club!

Lightweight title?

Penn whipped Zuffas boy, and Zuffa don't like it.

I call it right here, right now..............

Hughes VS Verissimo,

Verissimo WILL GET SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JD Penn? Isn't BJ Penn's real name Jay Dee Penn? Is it his older brother, and that's why they call him "Baby Jay"?

i think BJ is a great fighter but I need to see him defend his WW title a few times before I respect him on the level of Hughes, Couture, Silva type level....will lose alot of respect if he leaves the UFC without one title defence....

"why is everyone busting his balls about that statement?"Whoah...calm down there...why does it gotta be me "busting his balls"?All I said was that it didn't add up. I was doesn't exactly add up. Perhaps BJ has changed his mind, which is a perfectly acceptable explanation. "he wants to defend the welterweight title once a year is what i think he meant" That might make sense also. However, you are speculating. I agree with you that BJ deserves respect. All I'm doing here is pointing out that his remarks contradict each other. I'm not "busting his balls". I don't hate BJ. I think BJ is awesome, so don't read so much into it.

it wasnt so much directed at you as it was at everyone that IS "busting his balls"

read all of what i said before you say i'm speculating

BJ is a very good figher. But dude you're down right embarrasing. I'm surprised you can even type with BJs nuts in your mouth. Champions defend their titles, not make excuses. 'nuff said.

BJ is not any better than Pulver, Buastamante, or anyone who doesn't respect where they fight. If they are the champ they must give a rematch to prove that the win wasn't a fluke.

Fan clubs are gay

from DonJickles...
"If they are the champ they must give a rematch to prove that the win wasn't a fluke."

a fluke?
did you even SEE this fight?
please say no to retain any credibility...

"electrifying charisma"

Are you kidding?

the way he runs down to the arena and comes on like the way he did against Uno the first dont call that charisma