BJ Penn gets KTFO

Wow, totally unexpected and pretty brutal...this might inspire Rory to take that fight sooner rather than later.

Wow! After that I dont want to see him even come back. I hate to see when fighter lose they're chin Phone Post

that effin kid needs VADA


this thread is full of lies

iPhone? Phone Post

Sib Phone Post

Damn, at least he went out on his shield Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

 LOL, he thought moving down was going to be easier.

I think it would only make sense for Rory to challenge the little girl.

 That was brutal

Sub Phone Post

some guys just dont know when to call it quits.. this is sad really.

Phone Post

Honda has been put on notice... Phone Post

caseharts - Phone Post

Haha cute Phone Post

Is that his daughter?

A little early to start heavy sparring given his unknown date for his next fight. Phone Post

Lookin in alot better shape Phone Post