BJ PENN is funny

i think a few years ago there was some video clip of BJ driving around honolulu with his friends and they were raising hell and you could hear him in the back laughing his ass off. sounded like a fun guy to hang with.

last night on TUF, he first laughs at gabe for trying to get a fight with Weems and the way he explained it to the camera was hilarious 'cause he kept laughing. then his cry-baby antics at the end where he was mocking andy wang were priceless. BJ is a funny ass guy, seems like it'd be cool to hang out. where is his academy at in hawaii? i'm going to the big island in a few months and will see if i can train for a bit there and hang out with those bastards.

edited because i suck at typing.

BJ was cracking me up all throughout last nights episode. He has the kind of laugh that makes other people laugh. Those are the most fun people to hang out with. I think he has a gym in Hilo on Oahu. I could be wrong.

ah damn, i'll be spending most of my time at the waikoloa resort on the big island (big conference center there). i'll try to get some surfing in at my favorite spot (sandy beach) on oahu so if i do i'll try to find his place. it'd be cool as hell to get a beer with those guys and hear that laugh in person. hahahaha

Nah, man...all that making fun of one of his fighters wasn't cool. He could've expressed his disappointment without mocking him. I don't think Jens would've done that.

drive to hilo. about 1.15hr drive from where you'll be and very scenic. i like going over the old saddle road. he has a very good school there.

Hilo's on the Big Island (Island of Hawaii)

--it'd be cool as hell to get a beer with those guys and hear that laugh in person. --

Sounds like a man crush, imo.

"He thought he was going to be the next Bruce Lee"

I lost it with that. BJ's awesome.

it was funny last night with how BJ was......andy didn't do anything to win, he wouldn't listen and go to ground and he lost, he shouldn't of cried, no respect loss cause he would kick my ass, but he choose his gameplan and now he gotta deal with it

Surfing Sandy beach?

What's funny is him being down 4-0 to team Pulver.

He's a very funny guy indeed. No doubt there's more good stuff to come.

i'm sure it sucks to be down 4-0 but i don't think he cares that much....regardless he is gonna get his chance at pulver.......BJ still has Matt and Joe that haven't fought yet

I don't think BJ disrespected Wang in anyway. Wang did not listen to his corner and when he did that he opened himself up for anything and everything. Had he listened to his corner and still lost, I don't think BJ would have done what he did.

But man he is a funny guy.

The Calf Cruncher

he told it like it was

I normally defend crying fighters and don't think there's anything wrong with that. But in Andy's case, as a fellow Asian American, I was embarassed. It's ok to cry if you fought your best and put it all out there, but to do that when you ignore your corner the entire fight is ridiculous.

nottheface - i'm from the philippines so i was actually pulling for andy to win (asian brotherhood and all) but i'm with you, damn, he wasn't just in tears when he lost which would have been fine with me, but he was BALLING LIKE A BITCH. damn, i've lost in competition too and actually had my wrist broken in one match and had ribs cracked in another match and the pain in both was excrutiating but i didn't cry let alone BALL like my 5-year old niece when the match was over. the editing didn't help either "i'm a warrior" and then they show him with towel ove rhis face with a high-pitched whining cry. BJ made fun of him becuase he TOLD BJ he would listen to his corner and he didn't.

"....then his cry-baby antics at the end where he was mocking andy wang were priceless."

Yeah, BJ's spoof of Andy bawling might be the funniest bit in TUF history. It was oozing scorn and contempt. The way those scenes were edited was hilarious, too--Andy saying "I am a warrior!" followed by a quick cut to him crying. Maybe a little unflattering to Andy; but funny as hell, and great TV!

I saw him at a Super Brawl event one time and just stared at him for the longest.  He noticed me and threw me a shaka and the nod.  I was like WOW.  He really seems down to earth.

The last bit of Andy's crying episode was the funniest part. Right after he says he wants people to think of him as a warrior is when he really loses it. He sounded just like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber right after he and Jeff Daniels decide to do the cross country drive to Aspen. Jim is bawling his ass off on Jeff's shoulder and this is exactly how Andy sounded.