BJ Penn is like . . .

Vitor Belfort. All the talent in the world, in all areas of the fight game. I thought he would've totally dominated GSP, especially after the Gomi match.

He's wayyy better than Vitor Belfort. BJ lost a close decision, he'll be back, he'll get a rematch, and he'll more than likely win. It just lit a fire under his ass IMO

"It just lit a fire under his ass IMO"

What is that statement based on?? You can't just assume whatever you want about his level of motivation after that fight.

should be really interesting to see who BJ fights next? he is in the third
spot behind GSP and Matt Hughes.

i think it might be against karo p. sherk is going to 155. diego is not
ready yet. can't think of anyone else.

if you think about it, any other fight other than against GSP or Hughes, is
a dangerous fight for BJ because if he loses, then his title chances goes

GSP and Hughes are P4P the best fighters in the UFC, hands down. Losing to GSP in a close decision is not similiar to what has happened to Vitor

omg this is all i have to say

BJ is far superior to Vitor.

Get real, Vitor is not a skilled as BJ

He has 3 decision losses, all of which were fairly close and in all of his fights (including the losses) he has never been in a bad spot or badly hurt.

Am I WRONG??? Please correct me.....

Give BJ a couple of tune-up fights and I think he'll be back to his old self.


Vitor and BJ are very close in skill.

BJ lost the fight against GSP, it wasn't like he was soundly beaten.

It was one of the least damaging, least meritorious wins I've ever seen, BJ was nearly totally unmarked.

BJ has never really been beaten...EVER

"BJ has never really been beaten...EVER "

Well, Ryoto beat him. But in the others, the decisions could have gone either way. BJ is awesome for sure and will be at the top again

gspis also a prodigy. think about how badly/easily he beat sherk, whonjust dominated diaz.

BJ has won a title legit.

GSP won the Ultimate Wrestling Championship.

gsp is also a phenom. thats why bj looked human