BJ Penn loses court case...

From MMAWEEKLY'S forum:

" has learned that the Ultimate Fighting Championship won their court case against BJ Penn. The court ruled in favor of the UFC, thus the upcoming Matt Hughes vs Georges St.Pierre fight WILL be for the UFC title. More details to follow at"


That sux

If they don't want fighters to go other organizations than pay them and they wont have to fight 6 shows a year to make a living. That news makes me sad :(

Do you think he would be looking to fight n other shows, or holding out for more money if he was making a decent $ to begin with. I personally think its terrible what fighters get paid, especially in the UFC. I relize the money comes with the sponsors (Look at Boxers paychecks but they got budweiser backing them) but still somethings gotta give .

Nitecrawler, Penn was making $50,000 for each fight he won. That is good money for an MMA fighter at this time...especially for a lighter weight fighter.

He made more money for the 1 K-1 fight he got...but Japan is a very uncertain place for a lighter fighter.

With the UFC you can get steady work if you are a proven winner and especially if you are the champion. Right now, Penn doens't have any idea when his next fight in Japan will be....or if he will even have one.

Also...I'm not at all surprised that the court ruled in the UFC's favor. It was a no-brainer.

"He lost the court case for a reason. You cant just vacate the organization, leave the country, fight for other organizations, hold out for more money, refuse to fight certain shows, and expect to retain the title."

Vacate the organization?
I don't remember him saying anything to the effect...
In fact, didn't he admit that he actually WANTED to represent the UFC abroad?

Hold out for more money?
When did that happen?
I must've missed that too...
Actually, he said he was content with what the UFC was paying him and would continue to be happy with whatever they decided to offer him as long as he had the chance to make some extra money fighting internationally...

Refuse to fight certain shows?
Hmmm... got me stumped again...
It was the UFC that said they didn't plan on having him defend the title for the better part of a year... and he's been very up front about saying he'd fight whoever they put in front of him...

Are you sure you're talking about the same guy here?
Cuz it sure don't sound like it...

BJ was denied back in to the UFC but was given back his title. He is not hte former champion. He still is the welterweight champion. They said the belt is nothing but a ceremonial trophy. Like a marriage ceremony or something. So after the Hughes/St.Pierre fight, there will be two welterweight champions. One of which will not be able to fight in their organization.

"this will be settled out of court"

Wait, you mean like a bare knuckle thing in an alley behind the courthouse somewhere? Tape it!

Iron Lung,

Please come correct with information before you post it here. Tell the whole story not just parts of it.


I would comment but HMCWolverine already made you look stupid.


Where do you work at Baskin and Robbins? 50,000 aint shit for what BJ did for that one event and compared to what the UFC is making off Pay per View. Do you know that the Zuffa is a Multi million and close to billion dollar company. As far as I'm conserned that BJ vs Matt Hughes fight was the main event. 50,000 a lot of money for stepping into perhaps the biggest event in our sport? Please.

Wasnt this decided in a Las Vegas court of law? The Fertita's have incredible pull in Vegas...

I do not know for sure, but I thought it was BJ that said he was going to fight for the UFC once a year. The UFC has an agenda and BJ had his own agenda. I am not against BJ on this one because I think he had a good idea to go out and represent the UFC, but once the UFC said they didn't want him to do that, he should have reconsidered his plan instead of going anyway.

"Do you know that the Zuffa is a Multi million and close to billion dollar company"

It's true that they are, but it's the casino that they own, not the UFC, that makes them rich. That, and the fact that Daddy was rich as well, doesn't hurt. I guess that's how you get a casino in the first place.

Please please please please please GOD let St. Pierre win vs Hughs!

No doubt whatsoever that St. Pierre would do BJ the favour of publicly asking for a fight to settle the title. That's the kind of guy St. Pierre is.

St. Pierre vs BJ to bring BJ back in. Then BJ / Hughs. Then St. Pierre / Hallman. Then St. Pierre / Trigg by which time Karo will be back up there for Karo / BJ on the same card and hopefully Sherk will have gotten enough attention to come back as the wild card.

God I love this division!

One thing that makes the "lack of pay" problem seem easy to solve is simply having more fights! B.J. took just a few seconds to finish Hughes so why not have him fight in the next show? And no, its not too hard to set it up in time. Look at Pride.

When that champ fights once a year, especially when the fight lasted 30 seconds, its hard to get a fan following and hard for the fighter to make a living.