BJ Penn = Mike Tyson

Both of these guys carried such a lofty following of people who believed them to be invincible, the best, and so gifted that they would rule whatever division they wanted to. I know the comparison between them is kind of ridiculous (how else would I get you to click on the thread) but BJ is continuously losing in a manner that has people questioning his heart, cardio, and love for the sport. Seriously, even with the injury he suffered against Hughes, has anybody fallen further quicker than BJ in recent history? It seems like no matter how many defeats he has in a row there will always be people betting on him to win (and be dominate) just like they do Tyson. People want him to recapture that aura of invinceability so badly, but maybe it isnt there any longer. How much longer until we see BJ bite someone's package in the octagon (perhaps that is a bit overboard)?

both have unhealthy habits too

I would never in my WILDEST dreams, ever compare Tyson's aura of invinsibility, with BJ's.