BJ Penn 'n' Tito

will be talking about there upcoming fights and how they are hungry or how they will kill someone.. the same b.s from old schoolers to make them feel relevant.

HEY!!! her's an idea.. how about join a pro trainging camp and maximize your talents? instead of living off of past wins.

I'm a fan of both but Penn looks like he's just showing up.. unless Edgar really took his fire away. Tito.. I don't know.. how do you explain shooting from so far all of these fights? Knee.... Back??? sure years of fighting takes a toll.. but you also have plenty of time to prep.. so don't be a wet-ass... some over-rated bitch that used to be able to have a decent fight.

So.. for anyone that wants to respond.. what would you say to someone in the fight game for such a long time that needs a dose of reality?

I would say they're not the same case at all.

hear's imo...

my point is that they have both been around for a while and both are now making excuses for there performances. Penn... who knows.. its a motivation thing.. for Ortiz its a pysical or mental or cracked skull thing