BJ Penn Rolling

Anyone have the video of bj penn rolling with leo viera?

Thats crazy ground skillz..intresting side note. I'm Nova Uniao and when John Lewis had his school here in Hi..I asked him How do you do against BJ?(this was when BJ was a new purple years ago) John was a Black belt..You beat him right?.John Lewis said NO ONE schools BJ penn infact no one passed his!! I heard rumors don't know if its true that He swept and mounted Rigan..any ways Marc lamion said BJs a freak w/ crazy pressure kinda like a truck on top of you.

Boerboel Tactix thanks for that.

I am pretty sure Rigan beats Bj rolling most times, but i think it is completly possible that Bj has been able to sweep and mount Rigan. Rigan i think dominates most of the time thou, you do have to remember that Rigan does have something like 80lbs on Bj and damn good bjj skills to boot.

Anyone on this forum rolled with Bj? if so share your stories.

i know andy wang, who's a black belt and fought in the prestigious LA SubX said that BJ beat him any time he wanted while he was training at TUF. Andy Wang is no slouch, so that tells me something.

Also, check out the vid of bj rolling with dave camarillo. it's a small clip, but bj pretty much schools him in the clip. again, those are some pretty impressive guys that he's dominating, so that tells me a lot about BJ's skills.

I've rolled no-gi with BJ and he's really good!I trained with him and
Leozinho the day the video of them rolling was shot and I can tell you
they are on the same level! BJ's got mad pressure and skills!

*PS, I shot the video of them rolling!

Thats pretty cool you got to film and roll with them.

Did they roll anymore off camera?

Yeah they trained together a couple times...

i think there's a vid of him rolling with charuto at subfighter or google vid. that's a sweet vid too


bj penn and charuto rolling


everytime i watch that clip of bj rolling dave camarillo, i just shake my head. UNREAL! i know it's just a small clip, but he's schooling dave.

BJ, "schools" alot of good BJJ people!

i know he taught/trained at least a little bit with Akiyama.

i wonder how Akiyama stacked up.

"he's schooling dave."

Easy killer. They're not even rolling hard.

I freaking love BJ's Jiu Jitsu. He is my fav

BJ and Dave Camarillo rolling :