BJ Penn touring the malls this Saturday


Wow, this is pretty cool.

If he makes an appearance at Kahala Mall that day, he'll be able to add some sense to THE "Fight Gone Bad" workout competition there that day. Since this is the workout made for him and the name was coined.


Check out da abs...


I bet now that he's used to seeing that in the mirror he wishes he looked like that for his book!

btw, how kickass is that picture, dried bloody shorts and all...?

oh my!

 man BJ leaks a lot during that time of the month...

oh brutha...

Why are you up? Get ye to bed young man.

 time for everyone to get some autographs on his shirt and put it on ebay.. wooo.....

^^^Always the entrepeneur. Gonna be choke crowded. Seen tons of cagefighter BJ shirts everwhere.