Bj Penn vs Fitch 2?

Since Condit is getting a title shot and Bj doesnt have an opponent i think this is very likely. Phone Post


The most boring thread of the day.

Joking. Phone Post

I dont like this fight either but its the most likely thing to happen now. Phone Post

 dana said at the presser, that the fight he sets up for bj will blow peoples minds, he seems to think bj won the first fight and didnt seem interested in the rematch.. which is why he gave bj carlos condit.

Kind of has to happen. Bj doesn't seem like he wants to go through a camp without a fight at the end (who does) and a fight with Fitch really makes sence Phone Post

fitch no. boring fight fitch will lay n pray again then apologize and say he will try harder next time and so on and so on.

Please no. BJ Penn is one of the top reasons to watch MMA, don't put him under the Fitch wet blanket..

Not gonna happen. Dana makes fights that the fans want to see.