The UFC Welterweight title-Zuffa make it happen. Renzo could easily make 170lbs and he should be ready to go by the end of the year and I gaurantee he would put people in the seats. Penn wants to fight someone with a name and someone who can bring it and i gaurantee Renzo can bring it. In my opinion Renzo's age would be the only thing hindering him in this fight but i think Renzo has so much experience and has been in battles with so many tough guys Penn would be in troulbe in this one. This fight would be a barn burner--Zuffa make it happen



In my opinion Serra already beat BJ and deserves a rematch. That was one of the worst decisions that I have ever seen. BJ runs away from jiu jitsu guys that he feels are a threat.

he doesn't run away.
he plays a smarter game.

it's mma, NOT sub wrestling.


damn time limits.... those "smarter games" wouldn't be worth shit
without them.

I like this match.

How did Matt Serra beat BJ? The way I see it, BJ defended most of the takedowns and even when he was taken down, he was throwing punches on Serra's face constantly. If you give a point for each take down and one point for each punch, it would be like one point for each of matt's takedowns while 5 points (5 punches) for each times that BJ throws punches to Matt's face while trying to take him down.

"he was throwing punches on Serra's face constantly"

I respectfully disagree... he was throwing punches AT his face, not ON his face... Serra kept the stand up about even, and IMO he won that fight by trying to make the fight. Penn stalled his way to victory, call it ring generalship if you like, but that fight played out as Serra attacking, Penn running. It was a bad decision I thought, however...

Penn's star has risen and Serra has sort of dissapeared since then, I think a remach would result in a victory for Penn by domination.

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how can you say mat won, It was close and Bj dictated where he wanted the fight to be, This is not the abu dahbi, if matt wants Bj on the ground he has to control BJ. He took alot of shots w/ each takedown attempt. To matt's defense he did do a good job w/ closing the distance without getting clocked, he even landed a few. It was a lack luster performance by BJ but the outcome was Ok, very close. BJ should rematch, Matt after Jens.

Zuffa should pay Mikey what he is worth and you all would eventually see a new champ at 170...

Serra was never in any position of control. Wake up, smell the coffee.

If running away means you're controling the fight, give me a motortcycle and a big enough ring and I'll win every mma, boxing, thai, jiu jitsu and judo title in the world!

I'd pay double to see this match.


The justifications for giving BJ the win in that fight boil down to the fact that Matt never managed to take BJ down.

No one ever says "BJ dominated Matt standing" -- because he didn't. The fact is that BJ hardly touched Matt, or even took a step towards Matt, for that matter.

No one says "BJ dominated Matt on the ground" -- because, in fact, BJ would have nothing to do with Matt on the ground.

No one says "BJ was agressive and pressed the fight while Matt kept distance".

Now, Im not saying it wasn't "smart" for BJ to avoid going to the ground w/ Matt. I think that everyone would agree that BJ has a better stand-up game than Matt. But, by choosing to stay standing while refusing to throw, BJ cancelled out any advantage he had.

That fight was a draw, pure and simple, and there is no convincing case to be made for BJ's "win".

I think the way BJ is fighting right now, in a rematch he would dominate, or take Serra out.

NEither wont eh fight. How does defending takedowns + a win? Liek said before it's MMA not sub wrestling. i keep reading what Serra didn't do but what did BJ do? Nothing. That fight was a draw.

zuffa not interested in any gracie not named royce Rodrigo was recently offered 50K to fight in the UFC. he turned it down

By the way if you had seen Matt Serra (after BJ v Serra) that night you would know that he was severely hit to the face.

In any event BJ got the W.

I would love to see BJ V Renzo............


bj claimed to be the best JJ guy in the US, but then avoids the ground against serra

sounds kind of like a pussy to me