BJ Penn vs. TBA

Who do you think Penn will be fighting next? Any insight into this out there?

Fight is signed for August, they will be announcing it soon I'd imagine. Hate to make you play the guessing game, just not sure it's suppossed to be leaked yet.

Coming off a loss to GSP, instead of someone like Karo, what would you think about something like BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez.

Just throwing that out there...

ttt for RazeGear to answer this question.

I think everyone's best guess is BJ vs. Karo. However, I think there are others I would rather see BJ fight.

Am I alone on this?

August? I thought he was going to be involved in the Heroes GP around then?

Franklin would destroy him

he wont fight a top contender this time around

BJ Penn vs. Diego is a fight I want to see. Either that or BJ vs. Karo.

I want to see Penn give Diego his first loss.

BJ vs Karo just sounds like something Joe Silva will put together. I'm pretty sure thats gonna happen.

Thats 3 Main Event matierial right there along with AA vs Sylvia 3 and Ken vs Tito 2.

Diego, Karo, Diaz and Sherk would all be swell.

" He cannot compete in the Hero's GP. The UFC will not allow it."

I'm pretty sure this was officially announced.

Gumby is correct...
As far as I know, the fight IS already signed for August...
I was asked not to say who just yet, but I'm pretty sure nobody will be disappointed... :-)

"I'm pretty sure this was officially announced."

you're pretty sure WHAT was officially announced?
well... whatever you thought, let me potentially clarify by at least letting you know that the fight i am referring to above is taking place in the UFC...
hope that clears things up... :-)

If it's Karo I will be disappointed. I want a HUGE name. It's fucking BJ Penn.