BJ Penn vs Tim Sylvia

would penn have any chance of beating sylvia via submission?

sylvia looks a little slow and i think penn could pull it off if he managed to get his back.

penn could also flop to guard and then sweep him.

NO FUC*ING WAY!!!! BJ could not take Tim down and would get KTFO. What in the blue hell is wrong with some of you guys tonight!!!!!!!! I like BJ too, but he loses bad here.

I can just see Penn hangin' onto Sylvia's leg being dragged around the octagon. Like a little kid hanging on his daddy's leg.

BJ can take down BIG Eric Pele at will, Pele is over 325 lbs..... BJ could and would take Tim down and sub him.....

How would he get enough leverage on 6'8 Sylvia?

If he can take down someone 6'4'' 325; 6'8'' 265 would not be a problem.........

Silvia's legs seem alot longer then Pele's. And Pele's takedown defense is nowhere near the level of Sylvia.

What about BJ vs CroCop? Who wins this one?

I guess Penn would go for a single leg takedown and tear Cro Cop's leg clean off.

BJ is great, but taking down sylvia would not be an easy task.


Yes of course, nothing like a little underrating courtesy of the UG.

Sylvia by hurting the boy in the first round.

you people are fucking crazy.


very true.

Would BJ be the favorite?  Tough fight for Sylvia especially since BJ can take Pele down at will...

Wiht his ability to take world reknown superheavywieght Pele down, its only logical to assume he could take down and submit 6'8 UFC HEavywieght champion Tim Sylvia.


BJ would run all fight or he would get kO'd with the first punch or knee.


whos ricco rodriguez anyway...