BJ Penn White belt Judo

anyone have a link to the BJ Penn video where he destroys the BB judo guys?

You can find it pretty easily by doing a search on Google Video. i've found it several times.
Good stuff.

You mean that video where Penn owned a bunch of nobodies in a low-level local judo tournament?

I'd like to see it too.

that video is classic

LOL Disco!
I'm just a creepin around in the shadows!

About to open some new schools with my 7th Deg compatriot. I'm around...

Definitely drop me a line.

Now back to you regularly schedule thread.

But they'd struggle in Gi's.Well Fedor did years of Judo/Sambo so he might do well.But I don't recall hearing that Barnet ever did gi training.Though I agree with your greater point.To some extent grappling is grappling.

Bill Mahoney: Josh Barnett started grappling in Judo...with a gi.


Well,then I stand corrected.You see? No problem.
And thank you for departing from the norm around here and holding back the "you are an complete idiot".

the thing is, penn, fedor, and barnett are all studs. regular folks wouldnt have faired quite as well.

Mahoney = complete idiot

"The fact of the matter is that more and more competitive BJJers are losing to Judo guys at their own games these days. It is just that those matches are not as widely reported."

Sure because those "Judo" guys are learning BJJ. Don't forget BJ was still a BJJ white belt at the time. No excuses.

"Sure because those "Judo" guys are learning BJJ. Don't forget BJ was still a BJJ white belt at the time. No excuses."

Yep. There's no excuses for getting beat by a world class athlete nicknamed "The Phenom".

You could say BJ ran through the BJJ competition as well. I guess those blue, purple, brown, and black belts don't mean much either.

"BJJ green belt? Was BJ under the age of 18? That's the only time anyone uses green belts, right? If you're under the age of 18? "

under 16

Only on the UG does the only non-American to win a gold at the bjj world championships get described as "fairly average". Was this why you made a new screen name or any other pearls of wisdom you care to bestow on us?

For whatever it's worth, you can see that BJ moved very well, even at that young age.

"you know.You guys are clueless about the gi grappling. "


I'm not sure that was a good representation of black belt level judo. Ground game aside, the stand up game seemed pretty lacking. Not taking away from BJ's performance, because he was awesome, especially when he took the guy's back standing. All black belts are definitely not created equal.

He can also beat Matt Hughes.