Bj penn

Anybody on the islands dislike him or root for him at all?

war best motivated bj "to the death" penn!!! Phone Post

Against him* Phone Post

i think there's a standing law preventing rooting against him in the islands.

Im from Hilo and oddly enough there are people who root against him. The number of people rooting for him is higher but there are haters. Phone Post

at ROTR i remember there being a number of local fans who were rooting for Gomi

I've been a BJ fan since he won Mundials, still am.

Personally I cannot honestly say that there's a Penn hater amongst my friends and family. I'm from Oahu though and I could definitely see it being different for some Hilo braddahs Phone Post

^^ some toothless or cuckolded hilo braddahs lol

I like BJ. Don't know him personally but from what I have seen of him publicly
he's very fan friendly. I like the way he fights. I stopped watching UFC a while back, but I will be watching this one.

WAR PENN!! Phone Post

Is this "the best motivated to the death" bj penn eva?

when was the last time anybody talk shyt to bj and survived?

pulver, sanchez, stevenson, matt serra, matt hughes, kenny florian, sherk? They all talked shyt predight! Phone Post

*prefight Phone Post

Call me a lawbreaker. Phone Post

Bj pretty much epitomizes the typical Hawaii athlete. Very talented, a great deal of support, insufficient work ethic.

i am not a fan

i like to think he's just trying to find ways to be more efficient.

I'm always rooting for him, but I wouldn't put money on him against certain people. I actually won some money betting against BJ when he fought Diaz. But I've been here 6 years, so my vote probably don't count.

I think a motivated BJ can take out Rory, I'm rooting for BJ this Saturday.

I started training one week after seeing him, in person, tap out pulver a second after the second round bell at UFC 35.

I will always be a bj fan. Phone Post

i know a number of people who arent fans of his.

i never get emotionally invested in teams/persons but for some reason its different with Penn.

lets go BJ!

The thing with BJ is he wears his heart on his sleeve, it's very hard not to like him.

I first met Bj when I was a blue belt and he was a purple. At the time he was already making noise/gaining fame in Jiu jitsu and when we met he was cool as hell. Now fast forward 13 years with all the fame and money, the man is still the same humble guy that I met in 99.

So yeah, Ill be rooting for him. Big time.

Ano comes out if lurking to post. This thread just went Mega! Phone Post

The Mat Pimp - The thing with BJ is he wears his heart on his sleeve, it's very hard not to like him.

Word! Unless u r from canada and is friends with "broke" fitch. Phone Post