BJ Putting on a clinic

Pulver really doesn't have an answer for any of BJ's attacks.

is that what its called when you lay on your back and do nothing with pulver on top of you for half a round?

Well I guess that RNC just answered you r question, there, Jason.

round 1 didn't look like a clinic to me

if you mean this guy knew it would be a clinic before it even happened, then i guess he was right

BJ beat him to every punch, took him down at will, mounted him at will,
put on an armbar, then a triangle, then took his back...


Shame II had to happen in 07 instead of in 02 or 03 when both were in their primes.

Does Jens have vision problem? His depth perception looks off.

BJ definitely looked like the better fighter tonight, not to take anything away from Jens, they're both good fighters and both showed great class and respect immediately after.

"Does Jens have vision problem? His depth perception looks off."

he did get that chunk taken out of his eye in Pride that time

i was surprised bj couldnt finish 1st round. credit to jens