BJ Replacement.....

you heard it here first.


Keep up the good work Dana. At least he's exciting.

that so scarily close to being likely that its not funny.

it would not surprise me at all.

See what I mean, you have lost legitimacy with the a lot of fans.

Khalil Rules!!!!

they'll bring lindland back now and I'll fall asleep at the live show.

Tiki these nuts.

Tiki just loss in the UFC he's out.

more genki? seems to make sense...or is he signed with K1 to?

Baroni, Tiki, Shammy,! llok at all that talent!

doesnt it just make ya wanna drool!???

:p...(or spew)

come show your support of BJ Penn...


will genki sudo be banned from future UFC's now too since he's on the same K1 card with BJ?

Sudo isnt a UFC champion