BJ to Wang: When you hang with the

BJ to Wang: When you hang with the Kool Kids®, prepare to take our crap.

I don't know, maybe BJ is a much better coach than they've been showing. His site certainly has well-coached tips and moves. But kicking Andy off just a scapegoat to fire up the rest of his team is bush league. Hard to respect a man who would do that. Rock on, Jens!

I respectfully disagree. BJ this season has been too soft with his guys. He should've given Gabe major shit for the laziness of cutting weight. And BJ should've go ape shit on Andy in between rounds with the Melendez fight. BJ is finally showing some balls and put his foot down here by making an example of Wang. It's like he's saying, "Listen to me! No more mister nice guy, you do as I say! I'm the phenom! I know at least 10 times as you!" And indeed he does. When you're on Team Penn, there should be a certain level of standard to meet. If you blatantly don't cut it. You're gone. He needs to get tougher.

"This situation is explained alot better in Joe LAuzons Tuf BLog."

Bingo. Joe explained that Andy never listened to BJ about anything, even during practices. Totally lying and disregarding everything BJ told him to do in the fight with Melendez was one thing, but when you're a coach and one of your guys never listens to instructions during practice, that's a whole other ball of wax. Apparently when BJ told Andy to stop when he was rolling with someone he would just tell BJ "one more round" or basically do whatever he wanted. Maybe Andy was trying to show heart or that he was dedicated, but rule #1 is listen to your coach. That constant friction finally led BJ to do what he thought needed to be done. Andy is a very nice guy, but he needs to learn how to take instructions and listen to his coaches. He's not a punk, but he sure isn't a warrior either. Far from it at this point.

yea, after seeing how BJ handled Gabe's weight issue, it shows a little evidence that he is soft. By no means is it BJ's full responsiblity to make sur ehis fighters make weight, but Gabe was always seemed to take it easy in practice. Hopefully Wang getting kicke doff will help the team out a bit.

Here's a link to Joe's blog.

he was our coach not our dad...
he didnt force anyone to workout if you trained with bj you had to be self motivated and most of us were...
we are grown men and we were there to train i wish they showed more of the training but the producers i think wanted everyone to think bj didnt train us...

I'll take the word of the guys who were there over "how it looked on tv" any day.

BJ is used to working with pros, so he probably doesn't know what to do with the ones who don't share that dedication and motivation. He's probably never had to try to bring those things out of somebody before, so he doesn't know how and he doesn't know why he should have to.

Jens has more experience with that. MFS has brought up some champions. Say what you want about Sylvia, but they took him from a guy with no skill who couldn't jump rope and made him a UFC champ.

Remember how Jeremy Horn's eyes lit up talking about what he could do with Corey Hill? Jens and Jeremy have the same type of mindset.

I think BJ and Jens are great, they just come from very different backgrounds and experiences. That probably has a lot to do with why Jens has more patience with the lesser skilled guys, and the ones who succeeded with BJ are very happy they got to learn from him.

Joe's blog gives a different perspective, no doubt. Maybe Wang really was almost impossible to coach. BJ was obviously under a lot of pressure, and if Andy really had been that bad during practice, I guess it's slightly more understandable. Still, how about you take the guy in private and tell him to knock off the disobedience and showboating or else. If he still keeps it up, THEN boot him.

I'd rather have Jens for a father. BJ would just let you screw up until you were 14, then beat the crap out of you.

Daddy? I thought this was a coach based fighting show?

Who's yo' daddy?