bj trainin with sergio penha

he traned with the original floyd mayweather and now he is traning with the guy that almost tooled rickson

its great to see bj finally get out of his comfort zone and expand his skill set with top notch teachers

seems like swithcing to rude boy has been a great move for bj...i think hes the first true mma coach bj has had in a long long time

Get out, BJ finally realizes that to get better as a figher he actually needs to train with elite martial artists, HE has to be the student?


I hope Bj wins. Pretty sure he will. Phone Post

He should just get into bed and practice kicking the blanket off! Phone Post

Too little too late.

if only he had done this hit years ago edgar would not have a belt and bj wouldve wrecked tooled maynard and miller by now

Pretty cool- I just hope Sergio isn't teaching BJ to work on his closed guard. That won't be good if that's the case.

disbeliever - I see no way BJ beats Fitch

As much as I like BJ, I agree with this, Fitch is going to have 20+lbs on BJ come fight time, great wrestling to keep it upright if he wants, good BJJ if it goes to the ground, I think BJ has the striking advatage, but I can see Fitch tying him up and putting BJ up against the fence, too big of guy for BJ to handle