BJ vs. Marcello Garcia

I always wanted to see BJ compete in the ADCC. He pursued his MMA career with the UFC, so he never had the chance to compete in Abu Dhabi. Very unfortunate, but understandable.

Now lets make a hypothetical. BJ v. Garcia in a no-gi match...Who would win? Any thoughts?

Also, are there any promoters that would like to try to organize this match-up?

Garcia for sure. He's bigger than Penn, and after watching him walk through RENZO GRACIE and Shaolin it's tough to pick against him..


Is BJ supposedly better at gi or no-gi? I figure he is awesome at both (like Serra, etc.), but still, just wondering.

BJ won the black belt Mundials, and Garcia didn't, but that is with the gi. In Abu Dhabi, an event BJ didn't enter, Garcia dominated his opponents and tapped out Shoalin.

Isn't Shoalin the same size as BJ (before added some weight to his frame) basically? They are both Nova Uniao. Is BJ a lot better at no-gi than him?

BJ didn't dominate on his way to winning the Mundials did he? He wasn't scored on I read (sounds like domination), but he didn't tap everyone out either (but that doesn't really happen at that level).

Hard to call really...have them fight twice though, gi and no-gi, because I like watching the gi as well.



Marcello is bigger than BJ I think ....from what I understand Marcello is in the high 170s and cut to 165lbs




ive met both and I remember marcelo being quite a bit bigger than bj

when did you meet BJ? He is now cutting a bit to get to 170...

Weight should be comparable based on that. A very interesting match IMO.