BJ vs Rory on the headlines of

It's crazy how this fight has become the main event of the card. Stacked nonetheles, BJ vs Rory is such an intriguing matchup that's story is titled "BJ Penn is Back". Sucks for Nate, Benson, Shogun, and Gust but god damn is this gonna be a scrap! Great card and can't wait!

Two years ago, ESPN wouldn't give a shit, which shows how deeply MMA has penetrated the world of main-stream sports.

As for Penn, based on recent admissions by BJ that validated almost everything negative ever said about his attitude, training, and coaches, I'm cautiously optimistic that BJ has come full circle and at the age of 33, is really and truly back to his old form.

Having said that, I don't think he'll beat Rory, mostly because of the size and length advantages that Rory has.

But it will be a good test for Penn, and if he does win, I'll be very happy for him and his fans. 

Funny thing is that fight is not even listed in FOX's channel guide.

Well that's because BJ Penn IS mma. Phone Post

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